Rag & Bone is killing it for me this Spring.  First the trench, then some shoes I fell in love with and now these trousers! I love these super chic olive drab colored super light silk pleated pants with an elastic waist! So freaking comfy!! Watch the vid for how I love to style these comfy chic babies! 
Shop Rag & Bone:  Trousers and the full Rag & Bone Collection.

On this episode of shoe porn, we visit Manolo's gorgeous flats from this season.  I love a pointy flat for a super classic vibe.  Very Hepburn.  Great for cropped skinny trousers and shorter flow-y dresses!   Shop Manolo:  BB Pointy Ballet Flats
in Leather
,  in Patent Leather,  And all of the wonderful Manolo Blahnik Flats at Saks.

The Black Onyx in this tough and cool looking necklace from Energy Muse bring the wearer Love & Courage vibes.  I love this necklace called the "Spiritual Warrior" and I wear mine everyday.  Watch the vid for the full breakdown of this super cool crystal jewelry piece.   Shop The Spiritual Warrior Necklace from Energy Muse.

Marni's shoe collection has been a weakness for me since I started visiting Milan in 2002. And this season Marni is really bringing it with their shoe game.  I love those super duper high sandals with a slightly vintage vibe.  Shop Marni Sandals,  and the full Marni Collection on Shoescribe.

When I first laid eyes on this poncho meets tee shirt dress at Erin Kleinberg's presentation of the collection in Bev Hills, I was immediately in love! Then she told me one of my mega heros Lena Dunham designed the print and I fell even deeper in super luv with it!!   In this vid, I show you how I style this super cute must-have for spring!  Shop Erin Kleinberg on Revolve and Le Nouvelles.

Dude, the amazing space age style crazy lasers and machines Dr. Lancer has up in his office on Rodeo Drive is no freaking joke.  This dude gets real hardcore when it comes to skin treatments.  And that's why the world's most beautiful skinned celebs trust this man and his posse of amazing estheticians to make their skin younger and healthier and overall more awesome.  Watch this episode for Dr. Lancer's most popular treatments in his office on Rodeo. 
Shop Lancer:  The Method Deluxe Starter Kit  and The Full Lancer Skincare Line @ Nordstrom.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Energy Muse headquarters for a crystal reading and made my own custom crystal bead bracelet.  My crystal reading with Heather & Timmi was incredibly insightful and allowed me to pick the most beneficial crystals for my custom bracelet afterward.  I love Heather & Timmi, and I highly recommend going for a crystal reading next time you are in LA!  More info on Crystal Readings Here.  Shop Energy Muse

Laurier 62 by La Labo is by far my most favorite-ist candle to burn at home and at work or on a shoot because of it's incredible super complex mix of scents.  Laurier 62 is Le Labo's scent with the most ingredients involved.  I love this candle because it has every theraputic smell you could possible think of laurel, rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, cumin, amber, cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood, clove and a whole bunch of other amazing ingredients.  Especially love to burn this candle in the winter because it reminds me of some sort of crazy, amazing, luxury fire.  Watch the video for a full breakdown on Laurier 62.
Shop Laurier 62 by Le Labo:  The CandleTravel CandleHome FragranceLe Labo the full line @ Saks.

This greyish green teal nail color has quickly become one of my favorites from Smith & Cult's 30 plus Nailed Lacquer collection.  Watch the video to get the philosophy of color behind this lovely version of teal.  And if you want a bit of cool factor on your fingertips, I highly recommend this sophisticated yet unusual color.   And remember the formula is super awesome 5 free, so you are not poisoning your finger tips with any harsh chemicals!  Shop Smith & Cult:
Feed The Rich At Neiman Marcus,  Buy the Smith & Cult Complete Collection! All 30 colors! just for me and my viewers,  Smith & Cult @ Neiman Marcus,   Base Coat,  and Top Coat (apply every other day for a manicure that lasts 4eva).

You all know that I am a loafer addict!! Now these gorgeous babies from CB Made in Italy are super fab in linen and leather. I love the slightly slipper vibe.  These are the perfect spring transition shoe until sandal weather is fully kicking!  Shop CB Made In Italy on Shoescribe.

I love a knit jacket because they are super comfy but still look sharp, especially this pretty baby from the Spring 2015 Calvin Klein collection.  I love the crop knit moto vibe.  With or without a shirt underneath, I think it's a great long time addition to any wardrobe.  Shop Calvin Klein on FarFetch and 

Because I struggle with my own acne issues, talking to Dr. Lancer about acne and pimples was mos def at the top of my list! So he shared with me what to do when the dreaded blemish appears, and also what not to do... think bacteria war fare.  Watch the vid for the Doctors take! 
Shop Lancer:  Blemish Polish,  Blemish Cleanse,  Blemish Nourish,  Retexturizing Glycolic Treatment Cream,  Advanced C Radiance Cream,  Sunscreen, and the full Lancer Skincare Line at Nordstrom.

Jimmy Choo is killing it this spring season with their pointy flats game! These two yellow numbers are on my most def wanted - must have this season list.  I love me a flat right now with everything from vintage jeans to short dresses.  Watch the vid to peep both pair I am in LOVE with!
Shop Jimmy Choo:  Blue Metallic Pointy Sling Back Flats,  Pink Pointy Sling Back Flats,  All Black Lace Up Pointy Flat, and the full Jimmy Choo Collection Net A Porter.

Sodalite is known as the crystal of Harmony, Healing and Communication.  I love it for my communal areas in my house, for my shoots and for my work studio.  Watch the video for the full run down and shop Sodalite on Energy Muse!  Shop Sodalite Tumble Stone,  Empowerment Bracelet  Peaceful Home Crystals,  Chakra Healing Stones,  Calm Double Wrap Bracelet for Women,  Calm Wrap Bracelet for Men,  Empowerment Necklace, and Third Eye Chakra Earrings.

Santal 33 and Santal 26 are currently my scent obsessions.  I love these scents, to me they are the most warm, sexy and comfortable fragrances I can imagine.  Sandalwood is known to purify, protect and heal, so it makes for a great perfume and home scent.  Watch the video for my full review of the La Labo Santal 33 & 26 fragrances.   Shop Le Labo Santals:  Santal 33 Perfume,  Perfume Oil,  Body Oil,  Shower Gel,  Travel Perfume,  Body Lotion,  Solid Perfume, Bar Soap,  Laundry Detergent,  Santal 26 Candle,  Discovery Set of Le Labo Samples, and the full Le Labo Line @ Saks

Since face oils are such a mega trend in beauty and the blogsphere right now, I wanted to chat with Dr. Lancer about his take on them.  In this video he recommends certain face oils.  And tells us how to shop them, & when slash how to use them! Love me some face oil.  Shop Lancer Skincare:  Polish,  CleanseNourish, SunscreenSample Kit, and the full Lancer Skincare Line @ Bergdorf Goodman

Wardrobe classics! All Starz Shoe Porn for sure. Manolo Blahnik pumps are shoes that every woman needs in her closet, in as many colors as possible! But you def need them in Nude, White, Black and Brown to start, suede, leather and patent.  Just Saying! If you want to build up ur shoe collections, this is the place to start.  Shop Manolo Blahnik:  White Pumps,  Nude Suede PumpNude Patent Pump, Cobalt Suede PumpNavy Leather Pump, and the full Manolo Blahnik collection at Bergdorf Goodman.

The Elder Statesman once again blows my mind with this abstract floral pashmina shirt dress.  I love this pashmina dress for early spring when it's still chilly outside but I want to wear something that feels more happy and spring time ish.  Watch the video to see how I style this shirt dress. 
Shop The Elder Statesman:  At Barney's NY,  Far Fetch  and Net-A-Porter.

Every person's crystal collection needs at least a couple of wands of selenite! I wear a selenite necklace from Energy Muse everyday! It's incredible to energy cleansing! Watch the vid for the full run down on the magical deep earth crystal selenite.
Shop Selenite from Energy Muse:  Selenite Wand,  Selenite Cleansing Stone,  Energy Clearing Necklace with SeleniteSelenite Candle Holder
Selenite Chakra Wand,  Restful Nights Crystals, and the Loving Heart Plate.

Love me some glitter and love me some gold.  Therefore, of course I adore this mega gold glitter Nailed Lacquer from Smith & Cult called Shattered Souls.  Peep the vid for the color philosophy of gold and don't forget to shop Smith & Cult.  PS. it's five free in case you didn't know. #obsessed
Shop Smith & Cult Shattered Souls and the complete Nailed Lacquer Line at Net-A-Porter. 

Le Labo does super cool exclusives for each city where they have a base camp... NYC, Paris, London, Tokyo, Chicago and of course, LA.  The LA exclusive Musc 25 may only be purchased in one of their LA outposts, either 3rd Street or Abbot Kinney in Venice.  Musc 25 is really special and possibly worth the plane ticket alone to Cali.  Watch the video for my full breakdown.  And visit these 2 Le Labo Boutiques for purchase:  LE LABO WEST 3RD, 8385 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048, Ph:+1 323 782 0411. lelabola@lelabofragrances.com  or LE LABO VENICE, 1138 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, Ph:+1 310 581 2233, lelaboak@lelabofragrances.com

I love an orthopedic vibe always. Fell in love with these AGL's on a Vogue Shoot.  I think it's totally sexy and I don't give a shit about what any one else thinks! Love these babies for work and when I am chilling on the weekend.  And of course, date night! Seriously two of my favorite shoes of the season!! Watch the vid and shop some AGL.  Shop AGL The Lace Ups,  The Loafers,  and the full AGL Collection.

Trench Coats are the best coats for Spring time when the cold is finally starting to dissipate and the rains begin.  I love trenches because they are classic, very old hollywood movie star! In this video I show ya'll how I love to wear my trench!  This gorgeous number is from Rag & Bone called The Port Coat, and I love it's super stiff cotton and raw seams.  Shop Rag & Bone Port Coat In Video, R&B Blazers & Jackets, and the Rag & Bone Online Boutique.

This book lays out Dr. Lancer's LAncer Method in it's entirety! It's truly the fountain of youth covering everything from skincare to diet, exercise and breathing techniques! I love it and have been reading a chapter a night until I have the bits I want to incorporate memorized.  I learned so much on the education side too of what is causing my acne and wrinkles. Def worth the $25 purchase! My other fave thing about this book is the budget product recommendations in case you are not able to afford the Lancer skincare products... Shop Lancer:  Younger by Dr. Harold Lancer Book,  The Method Deluxe Starter Kit and  the full Lancer Skincare Collection at Bergdorf's.

Dr. Lancer explains his fabulous Lancer Method to me! And why it's effective! I am obsessed with his method and skincare and I have product tutorials starting for this line today here on my youtube and website!  Wahoo!  Shop Lancer: Younger by Dr. Lancer BookLancer Method Polish,  CleanseNourishLancer Deluxe Starter KitSunscreenLip Serum, and the amazing Younger Youth Serum.

Since Julien Dossena has been at Paco Rabanne, he's been killing it with cool, modern, fun clothes and now it looks like the accessories game has caught up to the clothing! Loving the shoes from his latest modern tomboy cowboy collection for women! watch the vid for my fave pair from the runway.  
Shop Paco Rabanne on LN-CC.

For each one of the crystals and crystal jewelry pieces I own, I set an intention for that particular crystal! That way every time I see the jewelry or stone I am reminded of my ambitions and my intentions for life.  Watch the video for my ritual for setting intentions and check out Energy Muse's website for great crystal stones and jewelry to work with yourself! Live the life you love!  Shop My Fave Manifestation Crystals on Energy Muse:  Spirit Quartz Crystal
Pyrite Cube,  Black Tourmalinated Quartz GeneratorIncluded Quartz PointAmethyst Standing Point, and this Citrine Crystal Point.

Bergamot has long been known as the fragrance of confidence and wealth.  I love the sophistication and freshness of Le Labo's Bergamote 22.  Awesome for both men and women who love a classic almost citrus style cologne scent.  In this video I also discuss the aromatherapy meaning behind Bergamot.  
Shop Le Labo Bergamote 22 Perfume Spray,  Perfume Oil,  Body Oil,  Body Lotion,  Shower Gel, Bar Soap,  Solid PerfumeAnd the full line at Saks.

Seriously, these are the prettiest and most lux sandals in the world.  And of course they are from Mr. Blahnik! The simpliclity and the color are the real beauty of this shoe.  And Manolo's are THE most comfortable heels in the world.  Get these beautiful babies for your closet to wear for the rest of your life.  
Shop Manolo Blahnik Saks Fifth AvenueBarney's New YorkNordstrom, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Watch this episode of the Philosophy of Color with Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquers to get the meaning behind S&C polish Lover's Creep.  The most gorgeous deep bordeaux red ever created I think.  Shop Smith & Cult Lover's Creep and Nailed Lacquers.

I love a fab 80's vibe suede pump.  These babies are especially special because of their color, a bit cowboy, a bit native american and a bit uptown.  A fab combo in my book.  Check out the vid for more info on these pumps!  Shop Gianvito Rossi at Barney's NY,  Net-A-Porter, and Bergdorf Goodman.

I love love love a spring coat, and this linen and silk satin number from Marc Jacobs is IT for me this season! Obsessed with the caramel slightly rusted color and the military vibes.  Watch the video for how I love to style this spring coat from Marc Jacobs.

I love a skater and I love Pierre Hardy! I love leather and I love linen! Combine these four elements and I am in hardcore shoe porn heaven!   Watch the video for my review/love of these super awesome slip ons from Pierre Hardy's Spring 2015 collection.  Shop Pierre Hardy on Net-a-porter.com and Barney's NY.

In this video interview with Dr. Harold Lancer, we discuss how to care for and protect your skin and body while working out inside the gym and outside in the sun. And is jogging really good for you?  Shop Lancer... Younger by Dr. Harold Lancer BookLancer Skincare Sheer Fluid Sun ShieldThe Method Deluxe Starter SetThe Method PolishThe Method CleanseThe Method Nourish, Shop The Full Lancer Skincare Line @ Neimans

Fleur D'Oranger 27 by Le Labo is one of the most beautiful orange perfumes in the world.  Why?  Because Le Labo's magicians of scent have managed to capture the entire smell experience of walking through an orange field.  From the blossom to the leaf to the branch, when I smell this I am immediately transported to an orange field in the South of France.  Watch the vid to get the meaning behind this gorgeous fragrance.  Shop Le Labo's Fleur D'Oranger 27 
Perfume Spray,  Perfume Oil,  Body Oil,  Shower GelBody Lotion,  Full Le Labo Line @ Saks

Being that I am a crazy OCD type A personality, I have tried every salon brand's top and base coats to see what combo platter is going to make my mani/pedi last as long as possible. Smith & Cults Basis of Everything Base Coat and Above It All Top Coat are the jam, not only because they make my nail color last forever but because they are 5 free.  So if you home mani/pedi or salon it, make sure you add these two products to your nail routine.  Shop Smith & Cult  Basis Of Everything Base CoatAbove It All Top Coat, and the full line of Nailed Lacquers. Check out Smith & Cult's awesome site if you haven't already... 

I love shoes, every one I know in fashion loves shoes. Shoes make or break an outfit.  A look for styling or for real life, shoes just really pull shit together.  Here on this new series I am going to show you my favorite shoes of now and of all time from my archives.  First up, newcomer Altuzarra's gorgeous sandals for spring... Shop Altuzarra:  Far Fetch,  Net-A-Poter,  Barney's NY, and Yoox.

Stella McCartney killed it with her knits for Spring Summer 2015.  I love this navy buckle cardigan so much that I had to do a Get Dressed With Me on it for sure! Watch the video for all of my fave ways to style an oversized comfy cardigan for spring!  Shop Stella McCartney on Net-A-Porter.com,  Barney's NYSaks Fifth AveBergdorf Goodman,  FarFetch, and Yoox.

Dr. Lancer fills us in on the importance of exercise for our skin and being forever young.  Watch this vid for his tips and his routine.  
Shop his book and skincare: Dr. Lancer's Younger Book,   Micro Current Power Boost DeviceLancer Skincare Full Line,  Lancer Method Deluxe Starter Kit.

When the cold hits, this massive Elder Statesman pashmina scarf never leaves my neck or bag.  I love real pashmina because it is super warm and super light, cashmere can get heavy but pashmina is feather weight.  So I love to find different ways to style this massive scarf, a thinner fabric like this is nice because you are not dealing with the bulk or heavy weight of a blanket scarf.   Shop The Elder Statesman

Yeppers, it's super cold outside, but that doesn't mean we have to throw out our sexy selves.  I love buying body con and almost completely covered dresses that only show a bit of thigh when worn with a mega high boots. 
Shop The Vibe: Gorgeous Dresses... Dolce & GabbanaMarc JacobsHelmut LangLanvinHouse of Holland   Great Coats... Miu MiuAdam LippesFendiMarniRed Valentino  Fab Furs...GucciAntonio Berardi RAVNMaison MargielaNina Ricci Faux Fur  Thigh High Heaven... Dolce & GabbanaAlaiaStuart WeitzmanA.F. Vandevorst 

In this episode of my interview series with Dr. Harold Lancer, he tells us exactly how to protect and take care of your skin during the extreme weather winter months.  Shop the Products: Lancer Method PolishCleanseNourishStarter KitEye CreamLip SerumGrape Seed Oil, Rose Oil, Rose Hip Oil

I heart this Mackage leather puffa coat so much and have kept it in my coat closet since the company gave it to me a couple of years back when I styled their runway show.  I own a couple of patagonia and REI puffas too, I just love this one because the leather makes it feel a bit more fashion and special.  Watch the video for my fave wayz to style my puffa for heavy winter moments, all of these looks rock with a regular puffa too.  Shop Mackage Puffas: 
Mackage Leather Puffer Without HoodAnother great Mackage Coat like mine, And now in Black, Another Great Coat from MackageMore Mackage @ Bloomindale's.

I love a super huge blankey scarf for winter, especially when the polar vortex sets in for the season.  Blanket scarves give you that perfect oversized, super thick warm fuzzy that you need when the blistering cold comes to town.  I love transforming real blankets into scarves as well as always hunting for the perfect blanket scarf in the accessories section of boutiques.  The scarf in the video is in fact a cashmere blanket from The Elder Statesman that lives on my bed when it's not being abused as a scarf.  Here are all my fave ways to style a blanket scarf! Enjoy!
Shop The Elder Statesman Blankets as a scarf: In Purple Grey & BlackMarled Grey & Off White,  Grey & Pink Striped.