I love a moody deep purple color for Fall and Winter on my nails and this Dark Like Me Nailed Lacquer from Smith & Cult is my new ultimate fave.  Check out this episode on the philosophy and meaning behind deep purple.  Almost black, like my soul, but way chicer with the perfect unison of Red and Blue.
Shop Smith & Cult Dark Like Me.  And don't forget to go check the super awesome Smith & Cult Online Store.  

I heart RMS Beauty so much! I have been using it for a year now and any time I choose to put on makeup now, RMS is my automatic GOTO.  The Living Luminizer is addicting for that fab skin glow.  The Burruti Bronzer is the perfect color! When I have hangover face or pimples, I always reach for the UNcover concealers.  The cream eyeshadows & lip colors are beyond.  If you have some lux hippies on your gift list, RMS is your ticket.  Coconut oil is the base ingredient in this line and so it's fab for every skin type, and especially for older or dry skin types! Love me some RMS!!  Shop RMS at the Spirit Beauty Lounge!  Check out the stuff in the vid  Living LuminizerBuruti Bronzer , UN Cover Up ConcealerEye Polish Cream Eye ShadowLip Shine <3

My love for Matuse wet suits runs deep and long! I am a maniac for quality and superior fabrics and technology...and with all of my insane research a couple of years ago into wetsuits, Matuse came out on top.  I first found out about the brand from my Navy SEAL best friend, and he only rolls in the best so I gave Matuse a chance.  Now their suits are the only ones I will wear.  The Geoprene (instead of neoprene) is the best wetsuit fabric ever and the seaming makes the fit and quality better than any other company.  This is the most super lux gift you could possibly get for the surfers, divers, spear fishers, MerPeople in general on your gift list. Shop it on Matuse.com.  Check out Matuse Women's WetsuitsWetsuit in the video: Artemis,  Men's Wetsuits.

And of course I am pushing more crystal for your gift giving list! I love giving Amethyst and especially this beautiful necklace from Energy Muse.  Amethyst is a natural stress reliever and that encourages inner strength and peace.  Email Energy Muse order: info@energymuse.com  Tell them Sally sent you! XXSL
Shop Energy Muse Here.

So obsessed with this plant based retinol style serum from Dr. Lancer called Younger.  IT's the JAM! I have been using it this winter and it's become essential in my routine.  This is an awesome gift for the beauty hounds on your gift list as well as older men who could use a one step miracle serum for their night time beauty routine.  Shop It here at Bergdorf Goodman

Alaia makes the chicest and sexiest clothing and accessories on earth.  If you have a sexy glam girl on your list to shop for, Alaia is the ultimate gift for her.  His bags are super awesome and come in all sizes.  He has even started making ipad cases which I love. I always support giving bags as gifts because you don't have to worry about sizing. 

I love this hoodie for the winter, it's the ultimate easy keep warm solution for Cali dwellers like me.  I discovered Surf Fur in a surf shop in So Cal and have been buying up all of their parkas and jackets since. This hoodie is what dreams are made of due to it's anti-bac waterproof and windproof patented fleece. It's the perfect gift for sporty and woodsy girls on your list who love hiking, surfing and pretty much any outdoor activity.  And same for the dudes on your list who are considered outdoorsy! Get them some Surf Fur for SHO!
Shop it on Surf Fur's Website

My super fave Cali-surf-skate jewelry line, Organic Peroxide is on today's gift guide.  This is the perfect gift for any girl or guy in your crew who loves teh beach vibe, the cali vibe or the skate vibe.  The double wrap bracelet is the jam and check out my fave versions in this vid. Shop The Fab Collection On The Organic Peroxide Website

This is one of the chic-est clutches I have ever found and of course it's from the men's department at Louis Vuitton.  I love the clutch because of the unisex vibe and easiness of the handle and hardware.  It's stealth wealth at it's best!  Shop It on Louis Vuitton's Website.

This is my A number 1 host and hostess gift this season and also an awesome stocking stuffer from Incense of the West.  The woodsy amazing smell of this incense pretty mush if my number one smell up there with Le Labo candles.  I am obsessed with all of their wood smells and their fab purification and clarification purposes, 
Shop It Yo:   7 Scent Sampler,  TeePee Incsnse Burner 

On this episode of my gift guide, check out this super awesome mega luxury obsession of mine... the cashmere and silk tee shirt.  In this video I show you two of my favorite 70% cashmere and 30% silk tee shirts from The Elder Statesman that I wear on a weekly basis.  Perfect gift for men or women who are tee shirt fiends like me.  What I am wearing in the video:  Midnight Tee   and More awesome options:  Bear Motif Ivory Tee Grey PURE Cashmere Tee,  BEER Tee  All from The Elder Statesman <3 <3 <3 Greg Chait & Crew

My fave thing to get for my wealthier buddies and clients is.... wellll.... art.  In this episode, I show you a fun Warhol art piece to gift this holiday and give you a couple of ideas on how I choose art for people.  
My Fave Art To Gift from Exhibition A:  Warhol One Jean Michele Basquiat in HI,  Sandro Kopp Snoopy,  Joshua Abelow Dancing Man ,  Tim Barber Untitled (Bluff),  Wes Lang The Room 34 Suite Box 

I love giving accessories and fashion gifts at holiday time.  I love finding special or newer designers to gift to my friends and fam so they discover new fashion geniuses.  I wanted to include Victoria Beckham's sunglasses in this gift guide because they are most most fave sunnies ever.  I have all of the different shapes she makes and I love them on all face shapes.  Each sunny is so gorgeously made in Italy. Great gift for ladies on your list who love sunglasses…

I never leave home without a lip balm and this Lancer Volume Enhancing Lip Serum is my new JAMMY JAM from the world's most amazing skin doc Dr. Lancer.  It's the perfect luxury beauty stocking stuffer gift for the ladies on your list, and don't forget to buy a couple of tubes for yourself too.  

Energy Muse has recently released a new line of gorgeous jewelry with hand drilled crystals on thin, chic cords.  This is one of the gifts I am giving to a ton of the cool girls in my life! I love this necklace with Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline & Pyrite.  Watch the vid to get the full scoops.  Call Energy Muse to Order: 1 (866) 674-4367  or email them here: info@energymuse.com  - Just tell them Sally sent you and you want the Black Tourmaline Necklace from my gift guide ;)


Coco Chanel has been a fashion revolutionary.  And her most revolutionary bag moment was this bag, the 2.55. Watch the video to get the background on the world's first lux shoulder bag for women.  This is a super awesome gift for any woman who is a luxy bag collector.  Or maybe add it to your own Xmas list!

I had the awesome pleasure of shooting the gorgeous Langley Fox and she bestowed upon me these amazing socks she created for Stance.  I already super loved Stance socks and Miss Fox's drawrings, and put them together and I think you have the darn prettiest socks ever.  This collaboration with Langley & Stance is a match made in sock heaven and the perfect stocking stuffing gift for people with fun fashion taste in your life. 

This bazillion ply cashmere is one of my most favorite gifts to give and receive.  Watch the video for what I love about this blank-y and why it's an ultimate luxury gift. 

My first up on my luxury gift guide and most favorite of the moment is the Cara backpack from Koza.  This backpack is a convertible bag that also works as a handbag and a messenger bag as well.  Watch the episode to see why I love this gorgeous bag so much.  And if you or someone in your life is a Beach Babe in style, this may the perfect gift. 

Cara Backpack is available in the Elyse Walker shop in Pacific Palisades. http://elysewalker.com/ 
Give them a shout to order it up!

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