Lyndley Trends take the form of a monthly website subscription.  Your account gives you access to the video trend reports created by fashion stylist Sally Lyndley.  We will be posting at least one video report everyday. The subject of the videos will cover all of the most relevant information for the folks in fashion and beauty.  The video information spans global runway shows, top fashion brands, fashion boutiques, magazines, blogs, fashion photography, models, beauty trends, the most powerful fashion and beauty teams working today, business news, pop culture trends, powerful celebrities, fine art as well as any other trends affecting fashion and beauty.

Currently in the fashion marketplace, there are no reliable sources for the most relevant and influential fashion, beauty and pop culture news. Trend reports exist but mostly just take trends by averaging 500+ fashion shows, not focusing on only the influent or relevant.  And most trend reports focus solely on design, not the teams behind the brands.  Business and the people behind the references are equally as important as the trend they created.  Knowing who to follow and watch and why is the only way to stay ahead of the game.  Sally has created her trend reports to help you THINK about the references and teams behind them in a new way so you can be strategic for your own fashion or beauty business. 

The industry news in fashion and beauty, as well as all magazine reporting, is extremely biased in reporting on brands and trends, because of their revenue model, advertising.  Sally is not accepting advertising on any of The Lyndley Report media channels to keep the content pure and unbiased. Lyndley Trends are compiled based on Sally’s conversations with her powerful colleagues in the fashion and beauty business with the intention of bringing only important news and information to her subscribers. 

Lyndley Trends has been created for fashion and beauty business owners and employees who must stay up to date with news and trends in order to be competitive. Sally’s reports deliver the crucial info you need to create superior projects to be successful in your job and career.   

Working from the same trend reports and business news as your competitors, only allows you to  keep up with them, not surpass them.  Working with Lyndley Trends will help you create NEW thinking around the trends and industry changes, inspiring you to innovate and move ahead of your competition.  If you create the same or similar projects as your competitors, than you will be priced against each other by the marketplace.  You will always be outperformed if you are not applying NEW and innovative thinking to your creative projects and strategies. Lyndley Trends will inspire the crucial thinking you need to move ahead in your career and business and to be able to charge more then your rivals. 

Fashion stylists are commonly hired by a brand or designer to help inspire new creative thinking for their business, and stylists are expensive.  Sally and her fellow stylists who are able to help companies make more money generally start their day rates at $8,000 per day.  And if a brand wants to work with a stylist for an extended period of time like six months or one year, the contract generally is priced starting at $250,000.  Good help is expensive. Sally has had many brands, companies and fashion business professionals reach out to her for consulting.  Because Sally is already booked with her regular clients, she is unable to take on anymore clients at this time.  Lyndley Trends are her way of being able to help all fashion and beauty professionals who would like her guidance for their own strategic and creative thinking.  Sally was adamant about keeping the price tag affordable so any business, large or small, and fashion professional could afford her help.

Above all, Sally loves to help people achieve their fashion and beauty ideals.  Lyndley Trends are her way of being able to help people and their businesses make more money and achieve their ambitions for their careers.  Thinking about fashion, pop culture, beauty and business in new original ways will help people to apply new creativity to their livelihood. 

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