Get Dressed with Me: Beach to Date Night

Living in Cali I have had my fair share of beach dates that turn into dinner dates.  It can be an awkward and sweaty transition situation.  Dudes are like unfazed and just throw a tee shirt over their board shorts and they are good to go.  But we are expected to look good, sexy and feminine, even after salty water scorched hair and skin has gotten the best of us.  When I am headed to the beach knowing that this day date can easily turn into a dinner, considering I am so awesome and why wouldn’t he want to buy me dinner after seeing me look like a mermaid in my bikini on the beach?!  I have a full arsenal of jersey beach dresses in lovely colors for just this scenario.  The key here is cotton jersey, the perfect amount of cling and drapery and colors that complement your tan skin.  And I also try to choose a dress that won’t get too embarrassingly wrinkled when it is stuffed in my tote bag while beaching.  

Keep also a clean small perfume spray in your bag as well as a lip gloss and hair elastic.  The only sensible option for my hair after swimming in the ocean is a chic bun.  And I love to rock Bobbi Brown Beach for my perfume in this particular situation.  Grab also a small cross body bag for your lippy, wallet and phone and your good to go!

In the Video:

Dress: T by Alexander Wang