Get Dressed with Me: Preppy Tomboy Beach Vibes

Due to the fact that I live on the beach, my year round dressing is based on beach wear.  And I guess I have been pushing my creative concepts on different ways to dress for the beach.  As a gemini, one reference is never enough.  For this Get Dressed With Me, I combined two of my all time fave dressing concepts, “tomboy” and “preppy”.  And I like to keep my shorts short to add just a little bit of sensuality to the whole combo. 

When embracing “tomboy” for the beach, go for a button-down from the mens department in an extra small and a summer appropriate baseball hat in cotton or straw.  To add preppy to this look, play with your color combinations.  I love mixing weirdo preppy pastels with bright colors, and classic preppy fabrics in masculine silhouettes.  Here I combine a mens linen button-down from Brooks Brothers, and terry cloth tennis shorts from Target a hundred years ago (American Apparel Options).  Add a straw baseball cap, Longchamp Love Mag Collab Bag and New Balances and it’s done!