Audio 9 Celebrity Stylist Strategies

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Audio 9 Celebrity Stylist Strategies


Audio 9 Celebrity: 34 minutes 42 seconds

In this talk, Sally discusses the different strategies for working with Celebrities for Red Carpet and other events, as well as working with them on consulting contracts and editorial.

Our Intro sets you up for how to think and work with the STYLIST STRATEGIES series.  It's imperative to the series, so be sure to listen to this quick talk before beginning Audio 2.  XXSL

STYLIST STRATEGIES is a 14 audio series downloading via your email once you purchase it here in our store.  Each talk is approximately 20-30 mins long with a home work assignment to help you apply your new learning from the talk to your existing or new styling practice.

STYLIST STRATEGIES has been created to help stylists think more strategically and creatively about their careers. This 14 part audio course is an in depth dive into the strategies behind the most profitable types of styling: Editorial, Commercial, Runway, Celebrity & Consultancy.  Fashion stylist Sally Lyndley takes you through original content created and written herself, based on her 15-year career all over the world.

Sally Lyndley styles for US Vogue and Love Magazine based out of the UK.  Her fashion clients, past & present, include: Victoria & David Beckham, Drew Barrymore, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Armani Exchange, The Elder Statesman, BCBGeneration, J Brand, Hogan, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, and Disney, among others.  She leads the entire course based on her personal experiences with the best stylists globally as well as her own fashion styling businesses.  

While plenty of courses are available on “wardrobe consulting and personal styling,” sadly those courses do not relate nor prepare a person for a powerful fashion styling career working on editorial, runway, commercial, celebrity or consultancy styling.  With STYLIST STRATEGIES, we will bring you the most advanced, innovative thinking and tools for fashion styling with magazines, brands and celebrities.  

STYLIST STRATEGIES is here to provide the guidelines for stylist’s to have powerful operations, training and profitable businesses.  In order to have a successful career, a stylist must constantly be improving themselves, their practices and their business everyday.  With STYLIST STRATEGIES, Sally provides the crucial thinking and tools for stylists to be profitable and have powerful careers.  

Sally is the first stylist with high fashion luxury clients, and a fashion background, to create an original weekend like STYLIST STRATEGIES, which in its essence, will teach attendees the fundamental basics of a successful styling business. Other courses and seminars are taught by people who possess very little or no experience in the marketplace, definitely not teachers who are considered experts. She created this training seminar after observing the struggle of her fellow stylists, assistants and interns from misinformation--and lack of information--available in the current fashion learning environments. STYLIST STRATEGIES enables attendees to acquire the information they need to become powerful stylists, whether you are a full-blown stylist or just starting as an assistant.

With all of the misinformation in the market and the highly competitive nature of the styling and fashion business, learning the fundamentals from an expert can make a styling practice succeed. Generally, in order to obtain this kind of information, a person would have to get a job assisting one of the top five stylists worldwide (if one can even get an interview) for at least five years and then start and run their own styling practice for five years after that, like Sally has done. The students in this seminar will get an in-depth look into the styling world. They'll learn about how Sally has become successful and what fundamentals she learned from the best stylists and editors around the world.

After STYLIST STRATEGIES, attendees will know what next steps to take on the styling career path. Sally created this weekend to provide my students with the knowledge needed to make more money either as a stylist or assistant stylist by learning the fundamental strategies of creating a powerful styling career.

Topics for Conversations in STYLIST STRATEGIES:

Finding Your Stylist Voice

Stylist Storytelling

Editorial Styling

Commercial Styling

Runway Styling

Celebrity Styling


Unspoken Ethics of Styling

Building Your Teams

Business Organization

Designing Your Career

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