The Stylist’s Studio has been created by stylist Sally Lyndley to provide styling tools, training, tips and conversations through videos, e-books and downloadable audio files. The Stylist’s Studio provides video and audio series for education and assistant team training, a PRO video subscription with daily content to think about your styling practice with Sally Lyndley and e-books to use in your styling business ensuring superior operations on every job.  

The Stylist’s Studio Videos and Audio have been created to help stylists think more strategically and creatively about their careers.  The first series “Stylists Strategies” is an in depth dive into the strategies behind the most profitable types of styling: Editorial, Commercial, Runway, Celebrity & Consultancy.  The next series “Tactical Plans for Styling” teaches a person how to properly execute each type of styling job. Sally is currently creating several more series for The Stylist’s Studio to cover building client, creative and business teams, as well as an advanced series on stylist’s creativity.  The videos may be purchased individually or as a full series, and is streamed directly from The Stylist’s Studio web page via Vimeo video player.  The audio is downloadable directly from the Stylist’s Store.

The Stylist’s Studio E-books available for purchase in the Stylist’s Store were written by Sally from her personal training manual.  These action plans and techniques were developed over the past 15 years working with the best magazines, luxury designers and celebrities in the world.  Sally learned these principles while assisting the top stylists worldwide and perfected the plans while performing her own styling jobs.  The e-books are training and operations manuals to give a stylist’s team a powerful tool to work together efficiently. 

The Stylist’s Studio PRO subscription is a daily video blog with exclusive content from Sally Lyndley.  The content in the PRO videos cover stylist strategy based on current trends and directories of the best brands to use for jobs.  Videos are posted daily and run anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes. 

The Stylist’s Studio wants to keep stylists and their teams from making costly mistakes.  When you have untrained assistants with no organized plan from which to work, expensive errors are made at the cost of the stylist.  Trust Sally, she has seen it all and experienced it all working as a part of a styling team and as a stylist herself.  The e-books, videos and audio have been created specifically so Sally and her team can work seamlessly with her clients in the most efficient and profitable ways possible.  Without a solid action plan, and complete understanding and knowledge of each step in the process, stylists and their assistants make mistakes which lose money as well as clients.  When Sally started working in fashion as a stylist’s assistant, she was shocked there was no organized education or writings to follow for all of the complicated tasks to be completed on a styling job.  ALL OF THE TASKS AND THE ORDER IN WHICH EACH OCCUR HAVE NEVER BEEN OFFICIALLY DOCUMENTED UNTIL NOW.  The Stylist’s Studio is here to provide the guidelines for stylist’s to have powerful operations, training and profitable businesses.  Because Sally knows as much as the next stylist, teaching assistants and interns on the job is risky and costly.  She created the video series and ebooks so her assistant teams can be well versed in how to do their jobs BEFORE they are on site with her and her clients.   The E-books give stylists a checklist to work with their assistant and market teams powerfully and may be used as a tool in regular communication about each step of the job.  We do NOT want one more stylist to lose respect with a PR contact or a client because their team was not properly educated, prepared or aware of “how things work”.  We are documenting and releasing to our members years of UNSPOKEN rules in the process and world of fashion styling learned from the best in the fashion business.  

What are you using to train your assistants or yourself now? There is nothing out there.   How are you continuing to educate yourself and design new strategies and concepts for your business and your clients?

Do you have a method for training your assistants or interns now? Do you just throw them into a job and see if they sink or swim? The Stylist’s Studio was created for training your crew in a low cost manner.  The Stylist’s Studio is also the perfect training ground for someone new who wants to become a stylist and wants to get the knowledge and education fort a powerful career in fashion.  

The Stylist’s Studio is not just for assistants.  The PRO subscription is made for professional stylists with budding and established careers.  PRO covers strategic thinking, translation of the runway and pop culture trends and how it relates to a stylist’s career, updates in technology and how it applies to stylists, and directories of Sally’s favorite brands to pull for editorial, commercial and celebrity jobs.  The Stylist’s Studio is creating a thinking platform for existing stylists to make more money and continue to innovate in their established career. 

While plenty of courses are available on “wardrobe consulting and personal styling”, sadly those courses do not relate nor prepare a person for a powerful fashion styling career working on editorial, runway, commercial, celebrity or consultancy styling. At The Stylist’s Studio, we will bring you the most advanced and innovative thinking and tools for fashion styling with magazines, brands and celebrities.   

A fashion degree is expensive, running at $10,000 plus on the low end of the price tag.  Other seminars and courses range from $600 to $2000, plus the cost of travel to the main cities where these programs are held.  

The Stylist’s Studio offers programs ranging from $9.99 for an audio download to $299 for an eleven part series, and everything is available to stream or download over the internet.  Sally wants stylists and aspiring stylists to have access to The Stylist’s Studio from anyplace with an internet connection.  In order to have a successful career, a stylist must constantly be improving themselves, their practices and their business everyday.  At The Stylist’s Studio, we want to help provide the crucial thinking and tools for stylists to be profitable and have powerful careers.  With The Stylist’s Studio, stylists can train their teams in a low cost way, make more money and continue inspiring people through their styling work!  And of course, look good doing it! ;)